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Food Solutions & Retails

Tailored Solutions for Food Services and Retails

BMD is your dedicated partner in the world of culinary excellence. We specialize in delivering tailored food service solutions to retailers across various industries in Malaysia.

Our mission is to help businesses find the perfect food and brands that meet the unique demands of their industry. With a commitment to excellence, BMD offers a comprehensive range of services to cater to our clients’ every need.

Our Process Flow


Our expert team collaborates closely with food service solutions and retails to understand their needs.


We identify and connect with existing producer of the food products that they are interested in.

Importing and Storing

The investors import their stocks into Malaysia and we will use our warehouse to store them.


Our logistics services guarantee reliable management of stock and the seamless flow of goods.


BMD will deliver the products in 24 hours to 48 hours to food service solutions and retails.

What We Offer

High-End Warehouse

Our 52,000 sqft warehouse is equipped with advanced operating system with latest software technology. This will ensures the secure and pristine storage of your products, guaranteeing their quality while they await distribution.


With a robust fleet of logistic lorries and vans at your disposal, we offer efficient and reliable transportation services to deliver your products to their intended destinations promptly. Currently BMD is owning 12 logistic lorries and 12 logistic vans.

Supply to Retails

  • Local Large Sundry Shop / Pasaraya
  • Chain Retails Outlets
  • Wholesale Shop
  • Medical Hall
  • Pasar Borong
  • Supermarket

Supply to Food Services

  • Hotel
  • Restaurant
  • Cafeteria
  • Catering
  • Airline Catering / Inflight Service
  • Local & International University Cafeteria
  • Hospital Catering / Cafeteria
  • Central Kitchen
  • Food Manufacturer SME
  • Fast Food Chain
  • Fine Dining – Chinese, Western

Let’s Work Together

Contact us today to unlock your brand’s full potential and ensure growth in the dynamic world of food industries and retail. Get started now!