Innovation Meets Culinary

BMD’s Culinary Studio is a unique offering featuring our in-house chef team, who excel at demonstrating the versatility of your brand’s food products through custom-made recipes. We extend a warm invitation to retailers and foodservice professionals to attend these engaging demonstrations, where innovation and culinary expertise come together to enhance your brand’s presence in the market.

What We Offer


We offer comprehensive training sessions to enhance your team's culinary skills and knowledge.


Explore the versatile uses of your brand's food products through hands-on demonstrations and innovative applications.

Principal Food Innovation

Our culinary experts drive product innovation, creating unique dishes that showcase your brand's offerings.

Principal Uses for Food Presentation

Learn how to present your food products in the most appealing and appetizing way, making a lasting impression on your customers.

Sales Team Sampling Kitchen

Equip your sales team with a dedicated sampling kitchen, allowing them to provide a memorable tasting experience for your clients and customers.

Let’s Work Together

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