Our Brands and Products Range

BMD offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to the needs of international investors looking to establish a strong presence in Malaysia. With BMD as your trusted partner, you can confidently navigate the intricacies of the Malaysian food market, expanding your brand’s reach and influence in this diverse and dynamic culinary landscape.

With our diverse range of products, national network of branches and commitment to innovations, we strive to be a one-stop hub to provide quality products and solutions to the industry. Providing solutions of quality products to wide market segments namely; HORECA, bakeries chain, cafes chain, airlines, caterers, institutions, QSRs, supermarkets, bakery ingredient shops and more!

Our Process Flow


Our expert team collaborates closely with investors to tailor a strategy that aligns with their goals and market demands.


We identify and connect with potential consumer of their product in the local market.

Importing and Storing

Import investor & principal stocks into Malaysia and distribute to local market


Our logistics services guarantee reliable management of stock and the seamless flow of goods.


BMD facilitates the widespread distribution of products to retail and food service establishments, ensuring maximum market penetration.

What We Offer

High-End Warehouse

Our 52,000 sqft warehouse is equipped with advanced operating system with latest software technology. This will ensures the secure and pristine storage of your products, guaranteeing their quality while they await distribution.


With a robust fleet of logistic lorries and vans at your disposal, we offer efficient and reliable transportation services to deliver your products to their intended destinations promptly. Currently BMD is owning 12 logistic lorries and 12 logistic vans.

Focus Dedicated Team

Our dedicated marketing and sales team crafts strategic campaigns and collaborates with clients to drive brand visibility, attract customers, and maximize sales. With a lineup of experts, including a Trade Partner Category Manager, Sales Support Coordinator, BMD Conventional Sales Team, Sales Executive, and 2 Sales Advisors, we provide personalized support and guidance to ensure the success of your brand in the Malaysian market.

Let’s Work Together

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